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A Fresh Take on Websites

The way most websites are sold is flawed. At many agencies, you'll pay thousands of dollars in upfront costs to build your site, and extra fees for every small update. That leads to out-of-date websites that frustrate and discourage visitors, as well as potential leads. After two or three years, the site is deemed too dated, and a new site is built – a costly cycle that hurts businesses and wastes your most valuable resource: time.

What sets me apart from those agencies is that I don't use a CMS like WordPress, or a simple page builder – every line of code is written specifically for your site. You’ll have complete control over its design and content, without the bloat of plug-ins or messy code to slow it down. That means your website will look fantastic as it runs laps around your competitor’s premium-priced WordPress site.

By charging a fixed monthly fee, we can spread out the cost and provide a predictable expense for your needs. You have the flexibility to continuously improve the site without fear of the cost. As well as the peace of mind that it’s being professionally maintained and up to date with the latest standards, including accessibility guidelines.

I'll create a fully functional website from scratch that best matches your business' image and needs; you will reap the rewards. All you have to do is make an appointment below to book a free discovery call .

Lifetime Updates

The internet is constantly changing and so should your site. Google and Bing adapt their search algorithms, web standards evolve, and new accessibility guidelines are released. I update your site to stay on top of the latest trends and requirements, so you can focus on your business.

But it's not just my updates that are included. You're free to request changes to the website content or layout at any time and for no extra cost. Change anything you want and it will be done that day!

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Design Updates

No confusing admin panels or tools to learn, just call or email with your changes and I'll handle everything.

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Always Up-To-Date

Your website will stay up to date with Google's search guidelines for ranking and the latest web accessibility standards.

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No Additional Costs

From complete redesigns and content updates to the nitty-gritty of site hosting, it's all included in the monthly payment.

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Local Business Listings

I help manage and perfect your Google Business and Bing Places profiles and get you listed in relevant online directories.

Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization

Content is one of the most important elements of your site. It's responsible for your website being found and trusted. I improve your search presence with techniques for 2024:

  • SEO Copywriting

    I help write engaging content to attract and inform prospective customers.

  • Mobile First Design

    Mobile shouldn't be an afterthought. I build and design sites with mobile visitors in mind. Yes, this matters for SEO.

  • Clean Code Structure

    If Google can't understand what your page is about, how will they direct users to it?

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